24 January, 2014

The writing utensil

{This is my script for my English oral assignment, which is a show-and-tell. I was supposed to present it on Tuesday but our teacher forgot about it so I'll only be presenting it next Tuesday. I wrote it on Monday. I didn't want to show anything fancy, because we are not allowed to bring certain things like mobile phones to school. I wanted something simple, so I chose my pen and decided to talk about how important my pen is to me.}

Good morning, etc.
This is a pen. I used it to write, obviously. It's nothing special, it's not magic or anything. And as you can see, it's running out of ink. I use it to do my homework: writing down equations, scribbling out essays, doodling.
But I also use it for so much more.

I like to write, I won't call myself a write though because I don't have the patience or dedication to sit down at a desk and write out an entire novel. I only write when the right ideas hit me. For some reason, this always happens when I'm in the shower. But sometimes it happens after an exam, when everything is quiet, and there are a lot of ideas buzzing around the room like butterflies. Occasionally, my mind will catch one of them. And what happens then? How do I record the idea and make sure it doesn't become lost?

I use my pen. I write it down on any available piece of paper. Most of the time it is the question paper itself. Failing that, I would simply use my own skin. Normally, I write rhyming poems. You might have read one or two of them in the school magazine. Before I came up to speak today, I wrote my script, last night, with a pen. This pen, in fact.

My pen also makes sure that my homework gets done, though sometimes my homework doesn't get done even if I do have my pen.

Together, my pen and I have gone through countless exercise books where I do my schoolwork and even more notebooks where I write down all the random things that come to my mind. And trust me, there are a lot of random things running around in my mind. I myself have gone through many pens, and I believe that I will go through many more.

To be honest, I think a pen is magical in its own way.
With a pen, one can paint an entire new world with its own characters, with its own history. How amazing is that?
With a pen, one can sign a bill passing a new law that could very well change the world as we know it.
With a pen, one can mark a student's exam papers, deciding his or her future.
And with a pen, one can write a speech that changes the hearts and souls of all who listen.

One day, I hope that I too can make a difference with just my pen. Never underestimate the power of the pen and the words that flow almost effortlessly from it.
Thank you.

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