06 July, 2014

A Melodious Symphony

I am so glad I was wrong.

Here's the program.

The time was short and long at the same time.

Unexpectedly, a lot of people turned up, so many that there weren't enough chairs! It was a great surprise because on Monday, less than 400 tickets were sold; Wednesday: 530+; Friday: 750+; and on Sunday itself, at least 1000. Almost everyone from my class turned up, they all sat in one row. They cheered for the band girls. I am very thankful that all my friends turned up.

I guess my conducting was slightly better. I was satisfied with my playing. Everyone played very well. There was finally percussion for Love Story meets Viva La Vida, and it was good. Apparently Frozen was quite good, I had fun, the only thing wrong with it was the PA system which totally sucked. It appears that our Pomp & Circumstance was better than the other school's. Everyone started clapping before the end of that, Instant Concert, and Can-Can. Unwisely, we did not prepare for an encore. So when the audience roared for one, I told Kam Yan to do Can-Can again.

The band girls kept speeding up the tempo for Can-Can, which we strings found hilarious because they were basically making life difficult for themselves. In the end we laughed together, with the strings laughing at the band, and the band laughing at us laughing. :D

It was amazing. All of us are so proud. The cheers and screams from the crowd were everything. We were so proud and high after that. Everyone wished we could do it all over again. Working so hard and putting everything all out there for the whole world to see was scary but liberating. Thank you all for this. <3

Get in line. For once, I was the one getting her picture taken. It's a very small, very vain thing, but it mattered to me. I got two bouquet of flowers, one from my mom, the other from the emcees.

My only regret: forgetting to take a photo with my lover/cellist, Xin Ying, who played the part of Hans for Love Is An Open Door while I played Anna's part. T_T But having only one regret is miles better than having a dozen. I am very thankful for that.

More photos.

{7th to 8th July: Monday - Tuesday} Aftermath on Facebook and Instagram.
{9th July: Wednesday} An article about our concert popped up in the state section of the national Chinese newspaper.
{11th July: Friday} AJK meeting to decide on next year's committee.
{12th July: Saturday} AGM.
{14th July: Monday} Our last day at Symphony.

The beginning
The finale
National Music Camp @ Langkawi Island (June 2013)
International Music Festival @ Genting Highlands (November 2013)
National Music Camp @ Penang Island (December 2013)
National Competition @ Penang Island (March 2013)

The end of this concert also means the end of my time with the AMC Symphony Orchestra. I know I should be sad, but instead I'm really happy. Thanks to this concert, I now know that I can win at life sometimes. Thanks to this concert, I have absolutely no regrets about the biggest and most constant part of my secondary school life. This is the end of the line, but also the beginning of a new one. I started this whole journey on a low note, and the last week was a whirlwind of emotions, mostly negative. I am glad and grateful that it ended on such a high note. I am happy that I can still smile at the end of an era.

Thank you. It was truly A Melodious Symphony.

12 June, 2014

Burning Red

{11th June ~ 8:50 - 10:10}
Ok firstly: It ended too quickly, and she didn't sing enough songs from Red.
This was my very first concert, and I totally loved the experience.
My brother and I went early to check out the place and buy merchandise before the crowds arrived. There were already people waiting in line, it was 2PM. I bought a shirt, a baton, and a guitar pick set.
Then after waiting around at our hotel, we came back and it was SHOWTIME.
People who walked right in front of me: The 2nd Asia's Next Top Model, and Taylor Swift's mom.

14 May, 2014

Incredibly Unmotivated

I am barely halfway through my mid-year exams. I honestly haven't studies much (read: at all) and for some reason, I don't care. Not one bit. Instead, I've been sailing through the afternoons, weekends and holidays with zero regard of the time I've wasted. I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment. I have forgotten to bring my calculator twice already. I have reasons to be afraid, of all the subjects I'm certain to fail, of the consequences once the results are released. But I'm not. For the moment, I could care less.

Instead of thinking about the now, I'm thinking about the future.
And oh, what a very selective future it is.

27 April, 2014

A Word Dump from 2013

Inspired by the art dumps of Viria. Random lines that I may turn into fall paragraphs/essays/poems. The possibilities are endless. Fun fact: My Time To Shine was once a word dump.

20 April, 2014

Word Wall

{17th October 2013}
Just to write for the sake of writing, after my Math exam, trying to finish using the test pad.

01 April, 2014

An Eulogy for Turtlehead

{23rd July 2013}
This was written for a Chinese writing competition that everyone in school had to join. I decided to post it today because I wanted something for today and also we did the same thing today. This is how I normally write for this subject, in English, and then I translate it into Mandarin. I would post the Chinese, but it's incredible simplified and not really worth it.

28 March, 2014

Many Happy Returns

I am happy and sad and everything in between. My birthday was on the 26th, during the mid-term school holidays. I still had to go to school because our Symphony Orchestra was going for a competition in Penang the very next day. I'm the concertmistress of Team A (playing the Prince of Egypt) and the conductor of Team B (playing Pocahontas). I spent most of rehearsal time with Team B. That morning, I was in the classroom with them, about to begin practice when suddenly, everyone from Team A came in.

At first, I thought they wanted to listen to Team B's performance, and asked them as much. Then, my good friends Kam and Shum walked in with a birthday cake and they all started singing the birthday song. I was really surprised and also really pleased. It's the first time ever someone surprised me that way. Then I blew out the candles and Kam cut the cake (her b'day: 28/3). We made the cake a mess but had fun smearing the cream on each other's faces. The cake was a mocha sponge cake. After that, it was business as usual.

Here is my Tumblr post complete with photos.

After rehearsal, So Jun came to pick me up to take me out. She was a little late, but never mind. After we dropped her friend off, I got out to get in the front seat. She had dropped my present beside the door (by accident) so when I opened it, she asked me if I could pick up something she dropped from beside my seat. And that's how I got my present. Easily the best birthday present EVER. I don't deserve it, but she says I do. Either way, I was really touched, especially by the little note she wrote for me. We went to Jusco, had Secret Recipe for lunch and she bought me these really cute charms. I skipped violin that day. (Shhh!!!)

For dinner, Dad bought crab and we watched The Avengers. Dad's birthday presents were tickets to Taylor Swift's concert in June and the lomography camera (but apparently, that's my pay for doing his website). Also, he bought me scallop pasta from Indulgence for lunch earlier.

The next day was the 27TH and THE DAY OF OUR COMPETITION. I was nervous the whole day for Team B, in the end they got bronze, as expected after their performance. Oh yeah, apparently my partner from the Genting friendship concert shares the same birthday as me. ANYWAY. THEN IT WAS TEAM A'S TURN. AND MY GOD WE WERE GOOD. All smiles after we left the hall. But during the presentation ceremony, we got... silver. I've never felt so deflated in my life. WE DESERVED GOLD. And it's not just me, some other schools also mentioned that we should have gotten gold. Heck, even the school that goes out of their way to say how much we suck said we should have gotten gold.


Also had a long talk with Mei Ern and Kam and we went to this totally useless shopping centre which totally killed our mood completely. But later we sang and stuff so we were pretty high by the time we arrived back in school. Also got a Doraemon from my junior.

28th: Kam's birthday present from me was a message attached with a collage. I had to go to school to do oral, my cinematography is good. Then Junqi took me out to AEON, had lunch at Nando's, watched Captain America, took the worst photo in history.

30th: Watched Divergent with Carmen and Cassandra. Did those Kawaii photo thingies. Had lunch after at Sakae Sushi.

It was a jolly holiday indeed.

31st March + 1st April: I received birthday cards from my three Mouseketeers. Oh yeah, even our coach thought we were gonna get gold, he was shocked when I asked him why we didn't.