28 February, 2015

What's on my iPhone 6

And my iPod Touch 5.
I'll be updating this post throughout the year with my favourite apps, and maybe the contents of some of the apps like Music, Videos, iBooks, Podcasts, etc.
All apps are free unless stated.

The Big Three
Google Chrome: I find it easier to use this browser cause all my bookmarks are saved on a cloud.

App Store, iTunes Store, Calculator, Music, Videos, Settings, Mail, Notes
{Spacewasters}: Find my iPhone, Safari, Game Center, iMessage, Contacts, FaceTime, Maps, Passbook, Health, Newsstand, Stocks, Tips, Podcasts, iBooks

{Utilities}: Calendar, Clock, Reminders, Weather
Voice Memos: I use this to record songs I think of.
Authenticator: For verifying purposes.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary: It doesn't hurt to keep it around.
xe Currency: Useful when you travel to a foreign country and want to know how much you're actually spending.
Cuptakes Wallpapers ($0.99): Where I get some of my wallpapers.

Gmail, Yahoo Mail: Email checking, I like the Google app a little bit more ~
Blogger: The most useless blogging app in existence. Fix it, Google.
Dropbox, Flickr, Photobucket: For saving my photos online and clearing up storage space.
Evernote: THE BEST PRODUCTIVITY APP OF ALL TIME. I save all my notes, lists and some of my writing here.
Kik, Skype: Messaging, Skype for family and Kik for Internet friends.

Facebook: I hate this social network.
Yik Yak: I like the idea of this network very much. Unfortunately, the
We Heart It: The most positive social network I've seen so far.
8tracks: MY FAVOURITE MUSIC APP, mainly for listening to fan mixes and instrumental playlists.
SoundCloud: I use this to share some of my sounds.
Goodreads: Book reviews, books I've read, books i want to read, books...

Facebook Messenger: I message my friends quite a bit, so yeah. Also, FB forced this on us so.
Instagram: It can be fun if you're dedicated, and I'm not. This one is linked to my fandom account.
Snapchat: I love Snapchat, I love how it enables me to chat with my friends in text, photo, or video form, I can even do live videochats like Skype. It's the best.

The 2nd page: Photography and video apps, games, music, learning apps, and...

Manga Reader, one of my favourite apps of all time.

{♥}: Photography folder, see below.
{♦}: Editing folder, see below.
{}: Probation folder, basically a bunch of photo apps I'm trying out.
Fuzel, PhotoWonder, SplitPic, Pic CollageModiface Eye Color: I have actually used these before, but I haven't been using them at all lately so I moved them to this folder.
The apps I'm trying out: Adobe Color, Notegraphy, Rhonna Designs, Tayasui Sketches, Fused, InstaBox, Candy Cam, FilterGrid, POMELO, ProCam
{♣}: Video apps, see below.

{}: Photography folder
VSCOcamRookie, RetricaMagicHour LiteFadedLitely, PowerCam™: Filters~~
FotoRus: Collages and filters.
Moldiv: Trying out the collages.

{}: Editing folder
Pixlr: MY FAVOURITE EDITING APP OF ALL TIME, everything you could possibly want in a photo editing app.
Picfx ($1.99): Filters and overlays.
Over ($1.99): For putting text on my photos.
Superimpose ($0.99): I use this for masking and overlaying.
Afterlight ($0.99): Minimal filters.
Mextures ($1.99): Filters, overlays, and textures.
Squaready: For adding white borders to your non-square photos to make them square.
PicsArt: I occasionally use this for erasing stuff and drawing.
Phonto: Even more captioning options.

{}: Video folder
8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99): Lovely vintage video camera.
Spark: Haven't actually used this yet, but the filters are really nice.
Action Movie FX: This app was made by JJ Abrams' studio, Bad Robot, and it's really good. I take videos of people who annoy me and use this to blow them up.
Vimeo: For watching short films made by animation students.
Lumify: This is the video editor I use.
YouTube Creators Studio: This app is really useful for checking how your videos are doing. I mostly use it to check for new comments. ^.^

{游戏}: Games folder
Monument Valley ($3.99): THIS GAME IS AMAZING, it's so beautifully designed and it's also really challenging, I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't more levels.
Fetch™ ($6.99): Geh, I still haven't finished playing this game. I got it because it was a cute story and the graphics were nice.
Sherlock: The Network ($4.99): Quite fun, but I hate having to pay even more to play more chapters.
TwoDots: One of those cute games I found on Instagram.
harmony: Another cute game I found via Instagram.
Deemo: I HAD TO RESIGN MYSELF TO THIS AFTER SPENDING QUITE A BIT OF DOUGH FOR TAP TAP REVENGE. But in all honesty, the music and art in this game is really nice too.
Just Dance Now: My daily workout.
Frozen Free Fall: Basically Disney version of Candy Crush.
Bejeweled Blitz: The game I play when I run out of lives on all my other games.

Other pages (not pictured):
Fix-it! Felix Jr, Turbo FAST, Run Forrest Run, Dumb Ways to Die 1 & 2, Plants vs Zombies 2, Insanity, Piano Tiles, Smash Hit: I was obsessed with one of these at one point or another.
Crossy Road, Poptile, Daddy Long Legs, KittenTaxi, HELMUT, Shades, Duet, 2048, Rise of the Guardians: For when the others get boring, except for RotG (for adding Jack Frost to my pics).

{学习}: Education folder
Learn Japanese Tool: Very useful for learning the various characters.
Japanese Dictionary: Can be used offline, currently using it to write a song.
i-Sokki: Some Japanese exercises.
Duolingo: Using this to learn French.
Busuu Japanese & Busuu: I haven't used these yet, but soon.
Lumosity: A brain training app that focuses on mind games.
Elevate: A brain training app that feels a lot more like school.
Peak: Actually quite similar to Lumosity, but a lot more annoying. Now I save this now when I have nothing to do while I'm travelling.

{音乐}: Music folder
Propellerhead Take: A recorder that I'm using for my mashup projects.
AudioCopy: For recording and direct uploading to SoundCloud.
Chromatik: A collection of music scores arranged by Berklee College of Music.
MuseScore: This is a free music notation program which I also use to upload my scores and to find new scores.
Mushi with a Mission, SamuraiBoy: DJ apps with a paper design that I discovered from my cousin's phone, they're fun to mess around on.
TonePad: Make music easily.
Ukulele Companion: I use this as a tuner and when I forget a chord.

The Bottom Two: Camera, Phone
App Store, iTunes, Messages, Music, Videos, Settings, Mail, Photos
Twitter: For scrolling when I'm looking for little news and updates.
YouTube: Watching videos in HD on a bigger screen is a pleasure.

{Spacewasters}: The only apps I use here are iTunes U and Podcasts.
Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Weather, Maps, FaceTime, iTunes U, Podcasts, Find my iPhone, Tips, Stocks, Game Center, Newsstand, Health, Compass, Safari, Passbook

Calendar, Clock, Reminders, Contacts, Voice Memos, Calculator, Cuptakes (see above)
iBooks: I actually downloaded some e-books here because of the bigger screen.
Google Maps: Some of the directions can be used offline which is amazing and really helpful, even if it's a bit limited, it still gets the job done.

{"Productivity"}: Still more productive than the ones in my iPod though.
Evernote: See above.
8tracks: See above.
Spotify: For listening to indie and classical playlists.
Notes: Currently not as cluttered as my iPod.
Google Chrome: My favoured browser.
WhatsApp Messenger: Mainly for texting my mom.
Pillow: A sleep tracker that I haven't used at all lately.
Coursera: I'm taking a few courses in a wide variety of subjects.
KhanAcademy: Learning, though not as extensive as Coursera.

Tumblr: See above.
Instagram: This one is linked to my personal account, which I don't update very often.
Snapchat: See above.
Bloglovin': I check this everyday for the blogs that I follow. You can follow this blog on it too.
Polyvore: For outfit inspiration, or actually for ideas on how to get away with dressing like fictional characters in real life.
Owl: A random fact a day.
MangaReader: Reading on a bigger screen and higher resolution is the best. Maybe next time I'll recommend some.
Deezer: What I use when I want to listen to endless mainstream music.
Pitchfork Weekly: I think it's a music news app but I haven't really gotten into it yet.
Monument Valley: See above.
MUJO: A game based around Greek gods.
My Angela: Don't blame me, blame the Tamagotchi generation.
Gmail: The only reason why I have this here is because the native mail app doesn't support Gmail for some reason.
Google Drive: The only reason why I downloaded this is to read some books offline.
Scribd: The only reason why I downloaded this is to access a piano score offline.

~ Buzzfeed: I love Buzzfeed, I could spend an entire afternoon on Buzzfeed.
~ Circa: A news app that I don't check that often because I have the one above and the one below, but I find it useful for breaking news.
~ Yahoo! News Digest: There's a morning and evening edition, so between this, Circa, and Buzzfeed, I guess I'm quite up to date with the goings on in the world.
~ DailyHoroscope: Yeahhh, I only check this when there's an important occasion coming up, but most of the time the predictions aren't really relevant to my life.
~ Plum Perfect: For figuring out the makeup colours I should use.
~ TGV Cinemas: The local cinema's app for booking tickets.
~ PopSugar AwardSeason: I used this for all the nomination and interesting things that happened, so now that award season is over, I'm probably gonna delete it from my phone.
~ GarageBand iMovie: Haven't used either of these yet, but I plan to.
(2nd page not shown)
~ PayPal: I don't have an account yet but I'll probably have to use it one day.
~ Bank app: To get used to the idea.
~ SimpleTrack: A very simple envelope budgeting app.
~ ZALORA, ModCloth, Anthropologie, ASOS: Mostly for lusting after nice clothes.
~ Groupon, foodpanda: Idk I thought they might be useful for when I go off to college.

{Film}: All my favourite photography / video apps plus one.
8mm Vintage Camera, Picfx, Over HD, Superimpose, Afterlight, Mextures, VSCOcam, Pixlr
Snapseed: I'm trying this because it's so recommended, still figuring out the functions. Currently using it for brightening my photos.

02 January, 2015

The Bucket List

Because resolutions are too mainstream.
  • Get into college.
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Get diploma in violin.
  • Finish Grade 8 music theory.
  • Continue piano lessons, or take keyboard instead.
  • Record a song.
  • Write more stories and poetry.
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • See cherry blossoms in bloom.
  • Be in another musical.
  • Be in more concerts.
  • Film something.

25 December, 2014

Whatever, life

"When you're ten, they call you a prodigy. When you're fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty, you're just an ordinary person. About three years until I'm ordinary." ~ Nanase Haruka, Free!
I can't believe I'm quoting a gay swimming anime. This is what my life has come to.

So... I've decided to do the one thing I swore never to do... pursue music as a future career path. =_="
Yup. I don't know if I'm being smart or stupid, oh well, I guess I'll find out 10 years down the road.
And yeah, if you follow that quote, by then I'll be really ordinary.
To be honest, the reason why I've decided to choose music is partly because I want to live in Singapore (which I'm in right now).

I've been posting a lot on YouTube and SoundCloud lately, and I'm loving the response that I'm getting. Of course, this blog has been doing pretty well in getting views as well.

The audition for the college I want to get into is in February, the intake will only be in August.
So in between I have a LOT of free time, except for March-May, I have to attend National Service. XP

In the meantime, I have a few musical projects that I will definitely try to complete before March.
And I might offer myself up as musician / arranger / teacher for hire during the month of January till February.

I'll update this post when I'm feeling more inspired to wax lyrical.
It's late.

20 December, 2014


I mostly photo blogged on my Tumblr here.

Ghibli Museum.

16 November, 2014

The 30-Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

I've had this post lying around my drafts for more than a year now. It took so long because of the gif hunting involved. I wanted to start editing it again after this happened, but yeah, had exams. For some reason, the middle of my SPM seems like a good time to post this long overdue post. Whatever.
I'll come back and edit it later.

Day 1: First Studio Ghibli movie?
Spirited Away.

12 October, 2014

Dream Out Loud

{11th October 2014}
It was just a few years ago, when we arrived in this school that we know.
Some of us were shy, alone and scared. Some were fierce and brave cause they dared.
Flash forward five years later, here we are.
In this ballroom, all looking beautiful, shining bright like stars.
In a couple more months we'll be leaving for good, so it's time to change the mood.

~ Dream Out Loud ~

Pada setiap pagi, kita perlu pergi ke sekolah.
七点十五分, Prefect 就催我们去排队! (很烦啦!)
Pada setiap tahun, hidup kita menjadi lebih susah.
每一天忍着上课, 和被老师骂.
我们每一人都有自己的期望和梦想, 但是有时刻我们就觉得要放弃.
Tapi jika kita lebih berusaha, saya pasti kita akan capai kejayaan yang cemerlang.

These are the things that we won't let go,
The times we remember that were high and low.
Sekarang masa telah datang,

I wrote the song.

Honestly, there's nothing to say. The album is on Facebook, if you're someone I actually know in real life, you can see it. If not, whatever. Bye~~

23 September, 2014

To those who wait

{29th August 2014}
The little essay mentioned here has been returned for the day. Scroll down for writer's thoughts. Here it is, as written.

          It is almost dusk, I am waiting for her at the corner of the street. She has just landed in the country and she sent me a message asking me to wait here for her, the place where we last saw each other. It is cold, I wrap myself tightly in the scarf she gave me before she left, it still smells faintly of her perfume. I lean against the lamp post, tilting my head upwards to watch the sun say its final farewells. I close my eyes, and the memories begin to flow.